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The Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation

The Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation occupies an impressive, modern, high specificatios building with a panoramic view over the Thermaic Gulf and Olympus, set in a large green park on the outskirts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki campus. 
As part of the largest university in Greece the Teloglion links research, teaching, scholarship, the child, the worker, the third age and art and culture in their broadest sense. Consisting of more than 7000 works, its extensive collection can to a large extent tell the story of modern Greek art up to the present day.

The Teloglion has been at pains to try out various ways of presenting its exhibitions to the public (e.g. dramatic play, interactive media, shock tactics, etc.), putting the emphasis from the outset on constantly up-dated educational programmes, parallel events and activities covering music, theatre, literature, dance, the culinary arts, technology, etc.
Its (230-seat) amphitheatre can host conferences, colloquia, lectures and a variety of events.
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